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【例】Hello! Let me introduce myself first.I was born and raised in Yamatokoriyama city Japan. I have a younger brother. I studied and finished a 2 years course majoring in Airports and Airlines Job. I've been living with my parents and 2 my lovely chihuahua's eversince. Although I'm prepared and ready to be independent, I chooce to stay with them until I find the right person to live with.I am currentlly working in a business hotel as a front desk clerk in Nara city, Japan.Guests from different countries comes in every day. A chance for me to learn and practice my english more. I would also love to practice my english privately with someone who I can spend time with and enjoy my everyday. I will be my preasure to teach someone japanese too.

【趣味の紹介】First of all, I love to drive. Travelling is my hobby, I was a tour counducter for several years until 5 years ago. If you ask a travel agency, the travel fee is high, do not you? I will arrange by myself of all my air tickets and hotel arrangements.Because, I think that can be enjoyed most efficiently. So, If we go on a trip in Japan, I will arrange everything, drive a car and make a fun trip!! I do not know details about Hawaii yet, so I want you tell me a nice place in Hawaii, delicious food.

【将来について】If I meet a wonderful person, I would like to live in Hawaii as soon as possible. Normally, I must file a declaration one month in advance to quit my company. But, I love my current job and I am proud. So, I want to tell the company more than 6 month ago to quit. Because I want to polite handover to my colleagues. When I become a couple, I'd like to prepare without misbehaving for a year or two until marriage. I believe that it is okay for me and you to stay away in Japan and Hawaii for the sake of the future.And when I live in Hawaii, I work as a Japanese staff at the hotel, or Japanese restaurant, and take care of the protected dog. I want to open a cafe with my husband and me after 50 years old.

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